Dave Lowe's

most recent book is ‘Rocket’:

the incredible story of 12-year-old Maddie, who feels like her dream of playing for The Matildas is over – but the truth is, it’s only just beginning.

'Rocket' is available now in bookshops across Australia.

Pixies vs fairies

Dave has also co-written the first book in a new series for younger kids. Pixies vs Fairies – out now in the UK and released in Australia in October 2023. Books two and three will be out in 2024.

The Stinky and Jinks Book Series

Dave Lowe’s 'Stinky and Jinks' books (about a boy and his genius hamster) have won several awards and have been translated into six languages (Dutch, French, Greek, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese and German).

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The incredible dadventure Book Series

The Incredible Dadventure won the ‘Lancashire Fantastic Book Award’ and the ‘Teach Primary Book Award’.

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The Squirrel Boy Book Series

Squirrel Boy vs The Bogeyman won a Lancashire Fantastic Book award in 2016.

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all about dave lowe

Dave Lowe grew up in a town called Dudley, in England. He has lived in Turkey and Malaysia and now lives (with his wife, two teenage daughters and a mini sausage dog called Ted) in Brisbane, Australia.

Dave Writes:

He’s written four plays: an adaptation of Andy Griffiths’ classic ‘The Day My Bum Went Psycho’; a play based on his own book ‘My Hamster is a Genius’ and two fractured fairytales: ‘Goldie – The Untold Story of Goldilocks’, and ‘Cinderella and The Seven Dwarfs’.

He has also co-written ‘Café’, an episode of the brilliant TV show ‘Bluey’.

Dave LIKes:

Things Dave likes: cups of tea, libraries, Indian food, West Bromwich Albion FC, mint-choc-chip ice cream.

Things Dave is scared of: spiders, snakes, heights, broccoli.

Ted, Dave’s mini sausage dog, is mostly well-behaved but sometimes wees when he is excited to see you.

Dave is terrible at drawing. His ‘Stinky and Jinks’ and ‘The Incredible Dadventure’ books are illustrated by The Boy Fitz Hammond, who is really good at drawing. ‘Squirrel Boy’ is illustrated by Cate James, and ‘Pixies vs Fairies’ is illustrated by Katy Halford – who are also amazing artists.

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